Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Plantation Style - Island Dreaming

Create a tropical resort in Plantation Style with lush flora, vibrant greens, botanical motifs and natural elements.

An Island Oasis where swaying palms and the lush jungle and exotic bird life give way to the beach and the sea.  

Fresh green lends a sense of vitality. Geometric patterns give a definite tribal feel. 

Here, homewares and furnishings have a strong organic influence. Daybeds, rattan furniture, hessian, driftwood, muslin, terrariums, coconuts, pineapples and tea grass matting suggest hardy, island ready purpose. 

These layers of tropical elements create an inviting setting with cushions, fabric and wallpaper in leafy green prints, adding comfort and tactile interest. 

Shell and Coconut husks and pineapples and staghorn add to the equatorial zone. 

Tropical green reigns supreme against light raw and sandy beige tones.

Indoor palms create a green oasis.  Add hanging plants or pots with delicate ferns or wall mounted staghorn to create your own rainforest. 

Add lush pineapples and other tropical fruit into floral displays. 

Seagrass wallpaper, Hawaiian broadcloth and hessian based fabric in neutral hues and strong open weaves suggest a hardy, island ready purpose.  

Ground the scheme with the inclusion of muted browns found in textured bars and coconut shells. 

CREATE AN Everyday Resort. 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Creating a blissful Retreat

If you didn't get to enjoy a summer getaway, don't despair!

With a few easy and affordable changes you can turn your outdoor entertaining area into your very own resort.

Starfish and shells give the home a modern beach look!

If replacing your old outdoor furniture isn't an option, a simple way of giving it a new life is with a coat of paint.

Use white as your backdrop and create your own haven!

Before jumping in though, step back and consider the surroundings and the atmosphere you want to create.  Are you after a bright modern look or maybe a more tranquil ambiance?. 

For that special finishing touch add other decorative items such as - Pineapples, Clocks, Mirrors, Placemats, Bamboo Tableware, Birdcages and a variety of Rattan pieces.

Repainting your furniture white is always a practical option and then define your look by accessorizing with custom-made cushions in bright fabrics with bold geometrics to create a modern jazzy vibe, or softer earthy tones with subtle, natural prints achieve a more relaxing feel.

Plump up your daybed with outside cushions.

At Miraje Home we have an extensive range of outdoor fabrics for you to choose from and we are happy to help you coordinate a new look for those old foams and cushions.

Acapulco Chairs - a wink to the 1950's.

Have a happy holiday at home!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Decorate with Animal (and birds) instincts

Time to explore a new mood - a flashy mix of colour and pattern, rather bold, somewhat tropical and a little eclectic. 

Take a walk on the wild side and consider adding a touch of exotic animal and bird life to your decor.

Abstract prints, fabrics and skillfully crafted pieces depicting leopards, zebras, cheetahs, even snake skins and tropical birds when mixed with thoughtful decor, create a striking union of the undomesticated and the urbane. 

You do not have to reserve this decor for an African safari scheme. These visually arresting patterns are great for adding a little (or big) wow in our modern homes.While the iconic animal prints have always exuded a richly glamorous, yet fun graphic style, tropical bird images of peacocks, flamingos, and parrots have added a new decorative stamp with their flourishes of elaborate and vibrant colour and pattern - teal, cobalt blue, fuchsia pink.

Caution: Use these patterns tastefully as a little goes a long way. Adding home decor (throw cushions, tray, lamps) featuring such prints in colours that complement the other colours in the room is a wise start. Then throw in an unexpected burst of colour (such as peacock teal) to give that punch. Use luxurious fabrics and cosy up with fur textures, velvets, suedes and linens. Or you could utilise one large accent piece such as an animal floor rug or a wingback chair upholstered in these motifs.

This will create a strong focal point and will not clutter the room as decorating with multiple print pieces may do. Then sit back and relish your bravery!


Miraje offers an in-home styling, decorating and curtain making consultancy service. With the vast array of home products available, Miraje can help you with your interior styling and decorating so that you can confidently achieve your personal designer look. After all, decorating should be fun and essentially about expressing yourself. 

Create your own Miraje

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Decorate with Black and White (and "shades of grey")

The simplicity and grace of white contrasted with the luxury and sophistication of black – always an awesome combination. 

 The inspiration is all around – old Hollywood movies, Black and White photography, zebra stripes, Black and white ticking fabric, crosswords, piano keys, the New York skyline, 
images of Manhattan apartments and Parisian hotels.

The art of successful decorating with Black and White is to maintain a spirit of traditionalism. For soft furnishings including curtains, blinds and cushions, one of the most classic fabrics is French ticking. For a timeless appeal, statement pieces such as wing chairs, Louis armchairs and Ottomans can be upholstered in Black and White gingham, a chevron stripe (remember, the bigger the pattern, the bigger the impact!). For those who dare, a tribal or zebra print will be quite graphic.

Detail is important, so go for what takes your eye – punchy prints, texture finishes, touches of glass and metal. Add flourishes of fantasy and personal taste items (e.g. a cowhide rug, wall of black framed sepia images, a dramatic carpet or rug).

Don't be afraid to layer prints and patterns in shades of black and charcoal, down to grey and white. This breaks the starkness of black and white and adds depth and relaxes the theme.Be sure to balance these patterns and prints with a few touches of plain black and white. You can incorporate timber, greenery, sisal, cane, and linens. If you wish not to be literally straight black and white, these warm organic elements add interest and texture.

In the bedroom, be sure to use luxurious white linen with indulgent black, charcoal and “shades of grey” accessories as the crowning glory.

Be confident! No matter what your style, by choosing to decorate with black and white, your home will be on trend and look magnificent. Miraje Home has two wonderful coffee table books which explore this theme in greater depth. (Black and White – and a bit in between by Celerie Kemble and Design in Black and White by Janelle McCulloch).

This popular and on trend design has been showcased by other leading designers and popular Home publications.

Live what you love!!

Friday, 31 May 2013

Decorate with Delightful Fabrics

Miraje Home has an exciting new ambiance with our latest focus - a new " Interior Design Shop" and workroom.

Beautiful fabrics add warmth and style.

With doorway access through from Miraje to the former Cafe 401, this area is dedicated to fabric selection, soft furnishing design, interior consultations and custom manufacturing.  Things have certainly moved on when it comes to furnishing fabrics and window dressing with modern and classical styles and tracking echoing other decorative elements in the home.

Small touches give a more defined and decorative feel.

Beautiful tones can capture your mood and style

 Imaginative use of fabrics for windows, lounges, cushions and other furnishings can transform your home and bring a level of sophistication unmatched by anything else in the room.  From a simple sheer fabric threaded on a rod to a Roman Blind with its classic lines, to an ornate luxurious velvet pooling on the floor, curtains and window fashion are an expression of your personality, adding style, colour and atmosphere.

Add a touch of pure luxury to your home

Whatever your Decorating style, there is a window dressing to complement. In addition to the endless visual opportunities they offer, curtains provide excellent light control, privacy, comfort, and play a significant role in reducing noise levels and cooling and heating costs. 


Comfort and Privacy

Miraje home also has an extensive range of upholstery and outdoor fabrics.

Your Sanctuary

Take your inspiration from places you love

So, if that old lounge or outdoor space need a makeover, the solutions are at hand.

Take your passion and make it happen!!!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Fabric Fusion

Fabrics, colour and decorating - that's what we love!!!!

Fabrics to finish, trims to tantalise, bits and bobs from here, there and everywhere.  What excitement, what a flourish....Everyone loves it!!!!

Yes, Miraje Home has just expanded through to the "cafe" next door, affectionately known as "cafe 401".  We have relocated the fabric library from the back area of Miraje Home to its new home, highly visible on Bloomfield Street.  An impressive fabric and furnishing showroom has evolved, behind, our new workroom is buzzing with creative activity.

Now, with plenty of room we are in heaven, wrapped up in hundreds of fabric samples, metres of fabric, extraordinary cushions and endless decorating solutions.  The reality of bespoke home couture is at your fingertips.  Selected WILSON Fabrics are now at greatly reduced prices.

Live what you love.

We would love you to stop by and see our new space, and let us help you bring your 'Material pursuits' to life!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Decorate with a Stripe!

Share a dramatic decorating moment with a Stripe! – All you need to transform a room from “drab to fab”.  Versatile to the core, this workhorse simple pattern combines effortlessly with solids, florals and other graphics - enhancing classic, modern and whimsical decor.  It is just a matter of how you use the stripes.

Add visual interest to all themes and styles.

With their strong visual interest, stripes have the power to reshape a space.  Vertically orientated stripes will draw the eye up, creating the illusion of more height.  On the other hand, horizontal stripes will encourage a side to side gaze, widening a room. 
A Chevron Striped Cushion creates a focal point on a sofa.

 What colours do you use?.  The answer lies in the final effect you desire.  Create classic drama with bold contrasting colours in wide uniform stripes, e.g – black and white wallpaper will provide an impressive backdrop.  For an elegant appeal, tone on tone stripes (almost monochromatic) will be more subtle.  Add a playful, whimsical vibe with multi-coloured thin stripes (e.g bright and beautiful in reds, oranges and limes).  However, take care here as too many colours can be rather jarring.
Black and White wallpaper makes a bold statement!
A striped accent can harmonise a busy space.  As this is a simple pattern, stripes interact with plains and other prints to ground the organic lines and unify the hues of the prints and plains. 
A cheerful striped rug adds visual charm and unifies a theme
Consider using stripes on walls (via wallpaper or paint), rugs, lampshades, cushions, blinds, curtains, crockery, tablecloths, napery, occasional chairs.  A little goes a long way here so be careful not to overdo your enthusiasm. 
Retro stripes add a funky vibe to these simple chairs!

 Using stripes in napery brings your concept to life.
Of course we all know how fabulous stripes are in our outdoor entertainment areas (i.e – Warwick range).
With the amazing range of Warwick fabrics including choices such as Bondi, Waikiki & Calippo - your outdoor space is only limited by your imagination!  The Warwick range (and many others) available at Miraje Home.
Thin or thick, vertical or horizontal, painterly or precise, soft and neutral, bright or bold, stripes are sure to refresh your space!.

A blue and white stripe draws the eye.

Bold stripes and patterns add visual interest without overwhelming a room.